Head lice treatment from NITMIX

  Are Head Lice Still
      Driving You Crazy?

Why, oh why, do we have to have head lice?

Its a normal part of being a kid. Please try and stay cool and calm and read on.

Head lice are completely normal. Yes, sorry to tell you but they live on us because we are their perfect host. In fact nowhere else is as good to a head louse as our child's head. They offer the right food and shelter and that is all that matters to a head louse. Yuck!

Head lice are passed around by simple head to head contact. In fact, it's a pretty good sign that your kids are having a great time at school and aresocialising well and have lots of friends! So don't think for a moment that there is anything fundamentally wrong with you, your kids or their school just because they have brought a few little critters home.

However, they are YUCK!!! So lets see what we can do about reducing the chance that head lice choose your kids as their next home.

Hey, you mean we all get head lice?

Have you started to suspect that some kids get more cooties that others? Ever wondered why all the teachers don't catch head lice all the time? And how come one child in a family can get the over and over yet their brothers and sisters are left untouched? And the real big question... How come Dad doesn't seem to get them at all? Surly there must be an explanation? Well there is.

 To a head louse, the way you smell is a matter of Life or Death. This doesn't mean that we have to leave a terrible smell in the hair to drive them away, that wouldn't work. Nor do we put something in the hair that may harm the head louse because it isn't necessary and could be harmful to our children. No, the smell we need is just different to the smell head lice associate with their normal host, us!

If your kids have been plagued by lice in the past, far more than thier friends or brothers and sisters, but you have never understood why, this could be the explanation. Until you can disguise this particular natural aroma these kids will remain a beacon for head lice.

Head lice will travel across every head in the classroom, given the chance, but they only actually stay and feed and breed on some heads. They are seeking out suitable heads where they detect a familiar human scent or taste. Yes, head lice are selective and only set up home where they like the conditions. Clean or dirty has nothing to do with it, they are tasting YOU! If you don't offer the prospect of good food and shelter head lice will move on elsewhere.

Hmmm, you smell nice!

NITMIX is a blend of plant extracts called essential oils, well known for their lovely aroma. This mixture is just enough to disguise a child's natural scent and fool head lice. They don't recognise your child as a suitable meal and move on. Simple really.

Just by rinsing NITMIX into the hair on bath nights or spraying a dilute solution onto the hair you can fool head lice into going elsewhere. Works every hour of the day, so sleep-overs, school camp and parties no longer mean bringing home lots of unwanted guests.

If you spot little visitors in your kids hair you will be able to remove them very early, before they set up home. Much easier than trying to evict them and their offspring.

What should I order for preventing head lice?

Pure NITMIX Daily Spray

One bottle of Pure NITMIX will be enough to help maintain healthy lice free hair for 2 to 3 school terms. Order a second if you wish, the shelf life is about three years! Don't wait till you run out and find the critters have come back!

NITMIX head lice products
NITMIX head lice products

Daily Sprayer Bottle

Daily Sprayer We recommend spraying NITMIX Daily Spray into the hair to top the scent of NITMIX between hair washes. These spray bottles produce a fine yet penetrating spray pattern without soaking the hair. They also have mixing and applcation instructions on as a handy reminder how to apply the spray correctly. They are shipped empty and are to be used with the NITMIX Daily Spray. We decided years ago that shipping dilute ready mixed spray by Air Mail was a waste of money and damaging to the environment.

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