Head lice treatment from NITMIX

  Are Head Lice Still
      Driving You Crazy?

Is this really going to work for me?

Deciding just who to trust to help with your problem is probably one of the most difficult decisions you can face when looking at web sites.

It may help you to read some of these messages from parents and care givers that have already faced that difficult choice and have learned how to get rid of head lice using NITMIX.

If you need a question answered about your problem please just e-mail us and we will try and answer it for you.

Hi there Received my parcel this morning - many thanks for speedy delivery. Despite thinking we had cleared up the critters, found 2 more in my little girl's hair using Nitmix. Found it very easy and smells delightful; hopefully not to nits! Thanks so much for your advice.
Derbyshire, 3rd March 2007

Hi John Just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for getting your product out to me so speedily. My little 5 year old was up to the early hours after her 5th birthday party whilst I combed through her hair due to finding 2 lice. I found your product very easy to use and very pleasant smelling. We have just completed day 3 of combing and she appears to be clear. I am so paranoid about anything with more than 2 legs and ridiculous as it might sound, have had sleepless nights about the whole thing. I have done the whole family (2 young boys too) just in case and I am now using the spray before the children leave for school. So far so good! I feel much calmer about the whole situation now, so many thanks!
Melanie J (again;-) ), Derbyshire, England
11th Febuary 2007

Thank you very much, I can't believe that I never replaced the last pack I had, which I gave away to a friend because she was beside herself trying to get rid of them. And guess what? She came back saying it really does work. Which I already know anyway, thats why I tell everyone about it. Kind regards
Beverley Lowe, Birmingham, UK
8th January 2007

It's actually been well over a year, I believe, since I first discovered NITMIX.

In the middle of the night I was crying and desperately searching the internet for some kind of treatment, besides burning the hair off my children's heads! We had spend months battling lice and I was totally worn out fromt the searching, the picking, the chemical treatments, olive oils, shower caps, and the constant laundering of clothes, hats, coats, scarves, bedding, the never ending cleaning and fumigating of sofas, stuffed animals, blankets, etc, etc, etc. I have never felt so much at the end of my rope. Lice had indeed gotten the better of me.

Then I saw the site for NITMIX and began reading the testimonials. I saw pictures of children who looked happy and normal, and I saw mothers who looked well-rested. I wanted that! I read the instructions about what to do while I waited for my NITMIX. It all seemed so simple, but I was still desperate for reassurance.

By that time I thought it was late enough to call - I forgot they were an hour behind us in Belgium. I called and John answered. It was 7:30am their time! He was eating his breakfast! He didn't seem to mind. Like a kind uncle, he calmly explained everything. I felt like I was at the kitchen table having tea and finally getting the advice that would finally work. By the end of the call, I knew why my methods hadn't worked in the past, how to treat my children with the new NITMIX products, and even what to do while I waited to receive the products. My children would never have to endure hours of picking and harsh chemical treatments again.

Crying tears of relief this time, I went upstairs to wake my husband. I told him that it was all finally over. I was in control again.

We've been using NITMIX for over a year. During the "high season" I comb through their hair with the essential oils about once a month, and I rinse their hair with the rinse about every other hair wash, and spray their hair in between. In the low months, I only rinse their hair with the rinse during hair washes and that's it! I have not had ONE case of lice ever since.

I have told everyone I know about NITMIX. I wouldn't have children in this world without it! I send them to school with confidence. I believe that NITMIX saved me - I was on the verge of cracking up, and NITMIX pulled me back on course. Thank you!
Rebekah B, Belgium. 31st December 2005

Hi John, Just a quick email to say thank you for being a sensible voice amongst the scare mongers on the subject of head lice.

I would like to confirm to anyone else out there with this problem that it is absolutely true that you do not have to put insecticide on you or your child's head to rid your self of this menace and that simple wet combing works. I got rid of my Head Lice in 10 days combing every other day for 30 mins ( I have a lot of hair) and your oil made it a lot easier. I now use the nitmix spray every day before I leave the house and so far so good. I would also like to confirm that I did not change my cleaning routine and did not insecticide the house.

One again thank you thank you thank you for all your sensible advice. Yours a relived pregnant mum.
Jacqueline P, Birmingham England
13th November 2005

Hi There, We have enjoyed 8 month of nit free children, thanx to your product. Now that it is finished, can you please advise me how to order some more. Thank you. Kind Regards
Mr L T Manchester and Jerusalem
4th August 2005

Just to let you know that I AM CONVINCED!!!! I used your product on my son for a week during nit outbreak at his school - managed to comb out the nasties and .... hooray .... NOTHING SINCE!!!!

I was sceptical that anything not bought from a pharmacist might work but from now on I will ALWAYS have Nitmix in my bathroom cabinet. Thank you thank you!!
Josie C, Milton Keynes, UK
1st March 2005

Hello John! I just wanted to let you know that it took this parcel 3 weeks to reach me,( Ed- Christmas week orders..Arghhhh!!!!) but it was well worth the wait!!! You've changed our lives! The fact that I could comb out the nits as well as the lice was unbelievable. This is the first product that could do that. And believe me, I've used many products!

I use the product once a week on my daughter just to be safe and catch the sneaky ones. She is in pre-school so it happens. But I am sure she had at least 2000 nits in her hair. So it was a HUGE problem. So I am forever greatful! So thank you for this fabulous product!
Heléne G. Pretoria, South Africa
21st February 2005

I have used Nitmix for a number of years and am absolutely delighted with the results (ie no nits!). I am always telling my friends about the product and have just received an order from four people who all wish to purchase a bottle of the concentrate.

Thank you, anyway, for making such an excellent product and for giving me, as a parent (with thick hair!) the reassurance that I don't need to be TOO concerned by the Headlice Warnings that keep coming home from school. Nitmix is a sanity-saver. Long live Nitmix! I'll keep on advertising your product. Best wishes,
Michele H,Surrey, UK
7th February 2005
( Ed. This is a couple of e-mails put together.)

I brought some of your Nitmix products before Christmas and may I say how quickly these items were delivered to me. I was at my wits end, my daughter has had lice constantly for months and now my son has also had them on and off. I have used your Nitmix Combing Aid and have been astounded by the results and the amount of lice that it removed in the first go.

However, even though the amount of lice on the head have reduced and I am spraying their heads each morning with the diluted solution of the drops, they are still bringing headlice home. It seems that the school constantly has an outbreak of this, I was just wondering if I was using the product correctly, or if other children are still bringing them into school, I can’t really do much about it, other than keep combing my childrens hair as I have been doing.

However, I would still like to state that your product has most definitely been the best I have tried on my childrens hair. Any further thoughts would be most gratefully acknowledged.Best regards,
Amanda F, Dorset, England
22nd January 2005

A massive thank-you for the NITMIX....bloody amazing and cosmic! Wow something that works at last. I am copying your leaflet and putting it everywhere in my neighbourhood and telling everyone about it. Thanks soooo much. The comb is something else isn't it?

Well done for working on such a thing. My hairdresser was elated when I gave her your leaflet as she has been at her nits-wits end! All the best
Sue Fox, for Manchester's vegan nit hunting brigade!!!!, UK
17th January 2005

I was told of NITMIX when I was living in Germany. Nits were a huge problem at my daughters school and I caught then off her. I have curly hair and it was a relief to have a product that enabled the fine comb to go through my curls with out tears!! Much to say my daughter's hair was much more managable too.

It has a great smell so no one knows that you are using it except the head lice and they are now kept at bay. Thank you.
Gill W, BFPO
19th October 2004

Hi, this is Mrs R****** a customer of NITMIX, please go ahead and transfer my details to your new database.

I would just like to say that since using NITMIX my daughter has not had any of the little critters at all and that was a year ago, excellent product, the best on the market.

I need to order some more, can you please send me the web address to order some. Thank you.
Geraldine R, Barnsley, Yorkshire, UK
23rd September 2004

( Yikes, these letters are getting longer and longer-Ed)
NITMIX really is a Godsend! After years of stress & tears trying to keep my children's heads nit-free, using product after product, I eventually chanced upon NITMIX whilst searching on the internet.

I used NITMIX for the first time about 9 months ago. Up until then, we were caught in a vicious circle of nit-infestation! No sooner had I managed to clear my kids heads of nits than one of them would bring the little blighters back home again, and away we'd go again, using treatment after treatment to get rid of them! I cried, the kids cried, and hour after hour was wasted with washing, combing and leaving on treatments that just didn't seem to work.

I had almost given up hope of ever finding anything truly effective, when I found your website. As I was buying it on your site, I wondered, with escalating scepticism, if yet again, I was literally going to be pouring my money down the drain!

I needn't have worried!

With a week or so of first using NITMIX, my kids were nit-free, itch-free and tear-free!! Even better, they have been ever since! Not only that ..... I'm considerably wealthier, with not having to fork out month after month on expensive, ineffective treatments!

NITMIX is very economical (dare I say cheap??) and yet it is the only one to have kept those dreaded creepy-crawlies away. I almost feel guilty that, despite you being my shining light at the end of what was a very long, dark tunnel, I have hardly been a good customer by re-ordering any more!!

The plain truth is, I haven't needed any more, as your product is so effective!

I still spray the kid's hair regularly with the dilute NITMIX, and that is all I have needed to do since the beginning of 2004. I still have plenty of NITMIX left, and will continue to keep using it as a repellent in this way as recommended.

My lack of further orders is due only to the unbounded success we have had in using it! THANKYOU!
Caroline, Liverpool, UK
23rd September 2004

Just writing to thank you for the quick response to sending the nit wash out. I treated my daughter who has been covered since May and no matter what I did I could not clear her.

Well on the first treatment of yours I could not believe how many nits came out, I was horrified! I have repeated the treatment twice since and she seems clear. Thankyou---- we now have a scatch free household again. I will spread the word, Many thanks,
Jacky G, Littlehampton, West Sussex, UK
22nd September 2004

John, When I have more time I will send a proper thank you letter to yourselves for finally sorting out a problem we had for about 2 years. We seem to have tried every other method under the sun, including a lot of rather unpleasant chemicals. Since using Nitmix over the last year we've only been troubed once and that was due to us being rather too ralaxed and forgetting to spray in the morning.

I've recommended Nitmix to friends and relatives from Bristol to Kent and sent your leaflets to everyone I know who is in the same position.

This has been a pet subject of mine since my daughter first bought home her new "friends". My initial thoughts of horror changed over the period to one of acceptance after speaking with Pharmacisits as far afield as Lands End, Worcester & Kent who all said the same thing that every school has this problem. There were even some Pharmacists with young children that have actually given up trying to get rid of the "visitors". Nitmix was probably about the 7th or 8th product we used and the first that we had ANY results with but, what perfect results!.

So, thanks again for a wonderful product AND also the calm guidance given on your website and documentation. The calm and friendly guidance was the factor that made me try "just one more product". All the best
(I think I've just written the thank you note that I mentioned at the head of the letter). Kev
Kevin P , Bristol, UK
21st September 2004

Thanks John for my recent order. I purchased from you twelve months ago with great success but am reluctant to stop using your products for fear of return of the critters.

( Long section about Nottingham, football and being far from home removed-Ed )

Keep up your fantastic work and thanks again for my latest order - rest assured I will visit you again in the future I'm sure. You are to be commended for your products and service. I know I am in gratitude to you. Regards,
Kylie U , Victoria, Australia.
17th September 2004

Hi John, Just wanted to say thanks for the phone call and the advice. I found that nitmix was really helpful and seems to have done the trick on my son's hair. I have passed your product details on to my boss who is suffering the same pain of lice as I was. Never getting clear of the beasties.

( Personal paragraph removed-Ed)

Thanks again for all your help, my son thanks you too. he is much happier now. est wishes
Callie, West Sussex, UK
16th September 2004

Thanks for getting in touch. Your product has been successful in preventing my two grandchildren from having head lice when the problem has been rife in their school. Do you have any literature I can pass on to the head teacher, so other parents can benefit from the information?
Dorothy J , Llandudno, Conwy, Wales
15th September 2004

I just wanted to thank you for your product. It actually works! I would recommend it to anyone.

We were reinfested 3 weeks after we had thought we were clear after using 2 chemical products...they had not worked...I used 1 of these products again believing we were clear again.

I found your site looking for information and ordered your products. I used it on my daughter straight away after having used a chemical product 2 days earlier and found 3 live adult lice! I could not believe the amount of lice I removed from her head with your product after only having used a chemical product 2 days previous. We are not out of the woods yet but we are getting there.
Mrs K, Hertfordshire, England.
26th July 2004

Dear Sir, I have been meaning to write to you let you know that since using your product, NITMIX, for nearly a year on my daughter's hair, she has been free from headlice. Once, appox 8 months ago, I found a couple of eggs in her hair , but astonishingly not a single mother lice, these eggs were combed out an no more returned. Before I would find lice in her hair every month, as well as the mother ones, and it would take me ages to get them out of her hair and then she would go to school and catch them again.

Well thankfully your products really do work and she doesn't catch headlice anymore. I make sure that when she goes to school her hair is smelling of NITMIX and this keeps them away. Thank you once again for a superb product.
P. S , London, UK.
12th July 2004

Hi there, Thanks for putting my order in the post so quickly! I just wanted you to know that I am really pleased with your product. Since using it, my children have had no head lice problems, even though there have been outbreaks in their classes at school. It is so simple & easy to use. I have recommended it to others at the school.

Before I found your product, I just could not get rid of the lice in my daughter's hair and it was becoming a real problem. So thank you very much - it's a great product!!
Judith B, Lincolnshire, England.
28th June 2004

"I had a dreadful time as my daughter had head lice for a year constantly, she has waist length thick dark hair. I tried just about every product going including yours. My daughter began to hate me, We had tears and constant arguments about nit-picking! I emailed you my sad story, you probably don't remember, but you very kindly sent me one of your new pink combs and a bottle of pre blended oil, and asked me to let you know how it went.

I didn't want to tempt fate and get back to you too soon, but we have been bug free for about two months now! So I just wanted to say a great big "Thank-you", and I will definitely pass on your name to other mums. I will be ordering more Nitmix drops when I run out. The water spraying I think is keeping them away, hopefully for good!"
J Gregory, Kent, England.
19th May 2004

"I am mailing you to thank you for NITMIX. We were suffering for months with headlice before I found you. I have just placed another order and have told many people about it. Could you please send me some more information leaflets with my order so that I can give them out at my daughters school to the many suffering parents. Once again many many thanks."
Allison S, Herefordshire, UK.
7th May 2004

"I would just like to say what a fantastic product you have. My 9 yr old twins have had headlice on/off for the past few years. Of course, I've had tantrums over combing their hair through and through desperation I decided to look on the internet. I came across your website and placed an order, I received very prompt service and discreet packaging.

I used the wet combing treatment on both their hair and the comb just slid through with ease. As a huge benefit, because the product is oil based I managed to remove ALL the 'dead eggs' from their hair too. I just want to say a big thank you for a product that can't be believed until it has been tried.

I have never been so impressed with any other headlice remedy and at a fraction of the cost of my local chemist. I tell every parent that I talk too who has this problem about your company. Once again many thanks.
Linda G. Hove, England
17th February 2004

"Dear John, Thankyou for dealing with my order so quickly.I have been using your product since this time last year when my daughter seemed inundated with lice that just wouldn't go away. I used your product as directed and hey presto no more lice. I have been using it in a spray every morning and she has been clear until today! That is why I have ordered more.

Our primary school seems to have a real problem that has never been eradicated. I have printed off your story section from the internet and given it to the head teacher so that perhaps we might get this problem sorted. I hope that this also generates some more business for your company.
I tell every parent that I talk too who has this problem about your company. Once again many thanks.
Maxine M. Rutland, England
26th January 2004

"I have now used the nitmix solution twice. The second time I used it there was definately a reduction in the amount of small lice that I removed from my daughters head. She normally makes quite a fuss about having her hair done, after she had had it done once with the solution there was no tantrums or tears the second time.

I am very pleased with your product that I have told my friend who has the same trouble with her daughter and she has ordered some. I will recommend this product to anyone who tells me that they have a problem with head lice. "

Jane Hunt, Devon, England
12th December 2003

"Dear John, Having failed with so many or should I say most of the leading products, I am over the moon that your product worked, and my daughter has managed to stay clear for a couple of months.

I have recommended your product to other mother's in my children's class. Many many thanks. "

Ilana M, Middlesex, UK
25th November 2003

"I hope I am using the correct email address, but I just want to say that i have been using nitmix for just under one year and this is now my second purchase (just ran out of the other!!) I think that NITMIX is absolutely fantastic.

My daughter used to suffer terribly from head lice but now, thanks to NITMIX, she is 'scratch free!!'. Thanks very much Petra."

Petra R, Oxfordshire, England.
18th October 2003

"Dear sir, Thank you for sending my order so promptly. I used Nitmix on the very same day, and found approx 10 live lice on my daughters hair, even though I had treated it with Full Marks. I used Nitmix for the third time on Thursday and was delighted to see Rebecca has got a clean head and very shiney hair.

I have recommended the product to parents and teachers at Olive Hill School who have asked for details of the product which I am willing giving out. If you have any flyers I would be more than pleased to distribute them. Many thanks indeed, Beverly."

Mrs Lowe, West Midlands,
17th October 2003

"Hi John, I meant to let you know ages ago that true to your word the Nitmix worked! Not seen a single nit since I started using the product.

Still spraying every day and rinsing with each wash. I have been spreading the word at my daughter's school so hopefully you should receive a few orders. Regards Kate Grounds "

Kate Grounds, Suffolk, England,
22nd September 2003

"Hi John, thanks for the goodies! I did exactly what it said on the label and thankfully only found one "Queen" Lice and a few little ones that I would never have spotted with my naked eye!!!! I was also amazed that the comb went through so easily thanks to saturating her hair with the oil!

I feel much more confident in this new approach and will not be fretting if she brings any squatters home from now on. I actually had some almond oil at home. If I run out of your supply, can I use this oil with your nit mix? Thanks again John, life doesn't seem so bad after all! Sophia Bailey

Sophia Bailey, London, England,
8th September 2003

"Just to say a very quick thank you for helping me rid my daughter of head lice.

Your product was like a dream come true in fact one application was all it needed as on second application I didn't find a single thing!!!!!!!! I will now be using Nitmix in spray form daily!!!!!!

Thanks again and as for the glass of wine advised for parents naturally the whole bottle was drank in celebration of a nit free daughter!!!!!!!!(any good hangover potion????) Thanks again. Alison Youngson"

Alison also sent us this,

"You were quite right John i did find a 'straggler' last night so treated again and found possibly 2 tiny ones have checked this morning and all appears clear. As for being a brave soul then yeah count me in!!!!!!!!I'd be singing:


Alison Youngson, North West England,
13 August,2003
"Hi, As a mum of 2 I would just like to say thank you very much for your product. My eldest started full time school last year & within a term had nits twice!( I now realise I had actually not got rid of all of them the first time) I searched on the web and your company came up thank god!

After speaking to a very nice gentleman on the phone, who made feel as though there was light at the end of the tunnel! I purchased all the stuff I needed. As soon as it arrived (which was very quickly) I got to work & we haven't looked back since. My eldest hasn't had them again & thankfully my youngest hasn't had them at all, thanks to you.

I spray their hair everyday & check it regularly with the nitmix & oil, we play hairdressers to make it fun & they love it. It's not upsetting for them there is no horrible smell & no awful chemicals, it's great. I have given the info to the school as we regulary get letters to say they are back so hopefully others will use it. Thank you again, Mrs Lawton ( a very happy mum)"

Mrs Lawton, Suffolk, England,
8th August 2003

"Hello jon, I thought i would write to let you know how I got on with the nitmix on my daughters hair. I cannot believe that i have got rid of them that easily, it was so simple to use and smelt quite nice too.

I spray her hair with it every day as there are head lice still in her class, but touch wood she has not had a return of any unwanted visitors. I keep checking her hair as i cannot believe it was that easy!! I treated her every 3 days about 3 or 4 times and her head was clean!! i still rinse her hair out with it every time her hair is washed to help build her defense.

I have had a case of head lice in my club last week and the parent is at the end of their tether. I gave them your web site address and told them a bit about it and advised them not to go for chemicals which they have used and it has not worked, they said that it burnt their childs head!! I said to them it may be linked to her headaches. Any way I hope they have been in touch.

I have told my boss about your fabulous nitmix and she will recommend it to her parents too. Do you have any leaflets that you could send, I could put some up on my parent/carer notice board and give one to the school too? Anyway thank you again for your help, I am just amazed at how quickly it worked. From Shona Heyes"

Shona Heyes, Peterborough, UK,
24th March 2003

"Dear John, Firstly I would like to say thank you for such good service. I was very impressed with that and also the nitmix product. Not only is it effective and everything I read about it is more. It is so economical and my daughter loves spraying her hair in the mornings before going to school.

Here in Malta the headmaster has started to tell parents to keep their children home for two days to cure the PROBLEM but I don't think he is winning as not all the mothers take care.

Well done and keep it up. Sorry it took me a while to send back but I really wanted to give the product chance to prove itself to me which it did. Goodnight from Mrs Michelle F......."

Michelle F, Malta,
13 March 2003

"I can't believe that after all the treatments I used, and the embarrassment I felt of my 4yr old daughter having headlice for 3mths. I looked on the internet under 'headlice' and came across your page. I must admit your treatment sounded to good to be true but being at my wits end and just didnt know what else to do I tried it, with the money back guarentee 'what did I have to loose'.

IT WORKED!! I cant believe my child is clear of this problem, after having this for what seemed like a lifetime. The oil was exactly what you said 'your child will love this bit' no pulling or yanking GREAT!! I just had to write to you to thank you, I just wish I knew about this sooner it would have saved me and my husband a lot of money and worry. Gratefully MRS HALL"

Mrs SC Hall, Northumberland, England,
1st March 2003

"Hi all at nitmix.com,:), I bought two bottles of each of your product in the hope that this would be the last time I would have to experiment and it was. I followed the instructions to the letter, I didn't want to make any mistakes and give way to the possibility of them coming back or staying. I applied the nitmix to the almond oil and started first on my 7 year old daughter.

WOW! I must have found hundreds, I couldn't count them, with every stroke I was getting out full eggs, large lice and loads of baby lice. I must have been at it for half an hour when I was still getting them out. However my daughter had had enough so I left it determined to do it again in two days time.

My younger daughter wasn't half as bad and I managed to clear her the same night. Still following the instructions I reapplied the treatment to my older daughter and again got out plenty but not as many as the first time, after a third time she was finally clear, getting out only four FOUR! I tell you, I have never been able to count them before.

My next step was to get a spray bottle and continue the treatment, after washing their hair I poured on the treatment and combed just to check, still clear!!! STILL CLEAR!!! I want to say thank you so much. I was clearly ready to shave all our heads and be done with it, but now my two daughters and I keep our long hair and they actually look forward to me checking every Sunday night and wait for me to smile and say "NO NITS YAY!"

I paid £22 pounds for two bottles of the nitmix and two bottles of the almond oil. I have been using it now for about three weeks and I have not touched the second batch that I bought. Infact I still have some of the almond oil and the nitmix left from the first lot and I still spray it their hair and mine every day. I feel I owe you more than the £22 pounds I paid.

The stress you have taken off myself and my family is priceless and to say thank you does not seem enough. Obviously I have told my friends about you and have ordered more for them, it feels wonderful to have a life with no nits, I never thought I'd see the day. Thank you again, Lynn Wilding, Mother of 2 and still smiling. :)"

Lynn Wilding, NE England,
2nd February 2003

"Dear Sir, Thank you , Thank you, Thank you! I have used your product and it appears to have done the trick - watch this space!! It has taken months of heartache and trying everything under the sun - if only I'd found your web site first! Thank you for a terrific product,

Mrs L, NE England,
23rd January 2003"

"Hello John, I don't know if you remember me? I was emailing you a little while back, dilly-dallying about buying NITMIX! I must've been mad! Everything you say it does is absolutely true, my daughter has had TWO nit-free days so far! That's amazing! Thank you so much! Why doesn't everybody know about NITMIX?! I shall certainly recommend it to everyone i know! Thanks again, Rachel Cope."

Rachel Cope, Birmingham, England,2
7th November 2002


Michelle Pickering, Birtley, UK,
23rd September 2002

" dear NITMIX people, I'd like to say just how impressed I am with the product, everything stated was true!! Throughout the summer holidays my 2 daughters were constantly troubled with lice. I usually use Tea tree oil shampoo+conditioner+fine tooth comb. I thought that was fine until this infestation! So then I resorted to chemicals, in fact I used three different nasty treatments which did little.

When I used nitmix and the finer comb I was able to remove with ease many, many lice + their eggs, much to my daughters' satisfaction!!!! I'm nearly on top of this problem but will regularly continue to use nitmix and the comb to check their hair. I work as a nurse in hospital and frequently come accross headlice infected patients who are often frail or have respiratory problems, etc, I will be using nitmix for the next patient I treat. Sincerely Helen "

Helen Kelly, Wirral UK,
17th September 2002

"NITMIX, Hi very confused, we recieved almond oil in stead of the comb we ordered.However we are managing with what we have got. Amazed at results of Nitmix, we have been struggling for two years!"

Sue Donoher, Derbyshire, England,
13th September 2002

"Since my last order? Wonderful! Unfortunately, my youngest daughter brought home some of the pesky critters from summer camp, so I had to face the task of going through three very full heads of long hair once again! I noticed that my bottle was getting low, so I am placing this order so that I don't run out.

I never want to go back to the pesticide method of treating head lice. Not only is it ineffective, it takes forever to finally rid yourself of them and that is frustrating by itself! I am so glad I found your website! Thanks for a great product! Angel"

Angela Blanchard, England,
14th September, 2002

"Hello John, Thank you for sending my Nitmix so quickly. Since I have been using this on my children's hair for the last six months we have not had a single head louse.

It is wonderful to know that these little pests will not be a problem again. My daughters have now taken to spraying and brushing their own hair in the morning before going to school. The good thing about this as well mum they say is it smells nice. Thank you so much for your wonderful remedy."

From The Lister family, N Yorks England,
6th September 2002

"Dear John, Thanks for your e mail, the NITMIX has made a big difference. The 2 boys have not had head lice since using nit mix. my daughter had a mild attack of them but it was my fault i forgot to spray her hair every day. Still they have been got rid of quickly. all the best. "

Ann Mack, Lincolnshire, England,
6th september 2002

"Dear John, Sorry for not replying. Nitmix worked very well untill my daughter went on her hols to her grannies and her granny didn't put the drops in final rinse she watered it down instead of rinsing her hair with it so the little devils have come back all the rest of the family are clear.

I have 4 children all together 1 boy and 3 girls and the girls all have long thick hair so it's just the oldest one cause her granny never did the final rinse properly I don't know why my daughter who is 11 didn't do it herself anyway as she is very capable of doing it at other times hopefully this will be clear by Saturday this week.


 Morag McD, Scotland,
5th September 2002

"Hello, I purchased my first order of nitmix nearly 2 years ago when my oldest daughter started kindergarten and I fought lice for 5 months, with new ones showing up every few days. I couldnt convince the school that there was someone else in her class that had them since she was the only one with them and we kept finding adults after proving her clean and less than a week later she had them again.

I found your product on the internet and placed my order. I like the light fragrance and it really kept them away. I love your product but unfortunately ran out.

At the end of school this year, she got them again. We have fought them all summer. I can never seem to get them all. I look forward to getting this next order and doing it your way again. The almond oil and nitmix combination really work! It also makes it easier to run the comb through thier hair. They both have long hair and hate getting combed.

Thank you again for a wonderful product!" Sincerely,

Susan Bird and family,
27th August 2002

" I have been using Nitmix on my childrens hair for 3 years and find it very effective thankyou for help"

Mrs J .Yoxall, England,
14th July 2002

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