Head lice treatment from NITMIX

  Are Head Lice Still
      Driving You Crazy?

Last But Not Least,Myth 7: Keeping Head Lice At Bay

Now you have got your kids hear into a healthy lice free state you would like to keep them that way wouldn't you? Thought so. But they are going to go straight back to school where they probably caught them.

Don't despair! You don't have to make it easy for the little critters to start living on your kids again.

Firstly lets be very realistic.

There are billions of lice out there and there always will be. It's perfectly normal. Your kids are always going to bump into other kids with head lice and these head lice will pay your kids a visit. You can't stop that happening.

You can't repel head lice either, why not? Well, head lice aren't attracted to your kids from a distance. They can't detect them from long distances like some bugs so you can't repel them from a distance either. But you can make life difficult for head lice if they do climb on your kids.

Head lice clamber on to any head given the chance. They then have to decide if this new head is a good source if food and shelter. Human head lice can only thrive on human heads. Any other environment means a lingering death because they only feed on human blood.

Now here's the clever bit.

What if we can hide your kid's nice human smell so head lice get confused?

A new smell in the hair can be enough for head lice not to realise they are already standing on a huge pile of potential food! And if you don't smell and taste like food they just aren't interested in you.

This way, they may wander around in your kid's hair for a few days until you find them and throw them out, but they don't set up home and lay lots of eggs. It really can make getting more lice very unlikely.

You won't have medicated your child, you haven't poisoned anything, and you have just confused the heck out of the louse and stopped your kids being their next meal. It's not a guarantee you won't ever see another louse on your kid's hair but it can reduce the problem to finding odd visitors running around rather than finding they have set up home and are feeding and breeding like mad.

So, where have we got to?

NITMIX offers a very simple way to harvest live head lice out of your kid's hair without resorting to poisoning the little critters or your kids for that matter. It is easy, pleasant and has worked already for thousands of families.

Once you are all lice free you can help maintain this lovely health lice free state by distracting any future visitors and thereby saving yourselves all that work and heartache.

And if you do find a few visitors are trying to set up home you will know exactly what to do and why.

Head lice should be a minor little problem that crops up occasionally but doesn't cause any more household disturbance than cough or a cold.

Find out more about this simple, straightforward solution to the problem of head lice at www.nitmix.co.uk.

Go gently and good luck.

John Owen , NITMIX