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Myth 6: The No Nits Policy and the No Progress Results

Forgive me if I blow a gasket on this one: the No-Nit policy.

This is a tyranny of our own making.

Children and adults have had head lice since the time of the Pharaohs, perhaps even earlier. And not one child has ever been harmed by nits. So why are we acting so hysterically as to send children home from school for a relatively common, harmless condition?

Our kids belong in school, their friends are there, their education is vital to our future, and we want them to think being in school is the most natural and important thing in the world.

Parents contacting NITMIX from the U.S. are often under huge pressure after their kids have been excluded from school. We get hundreds of e-mails from parents claiming they're losing work time, sleep, even jobs due to this problem.

We don't get this message from anywhere else in the world. Sure, parents are asked to sort out the problem, and some get a bit stressed until they find a solution that works for them, but that's about it.

Even at the highest level, U.S. information sources have no consensus.

The National Pediatric Association no longer favors No-Nits policies but still advocates using chemical treatments that more and more parents don't like.

On the other side the National Pediculosis Association, a non-profit, anti-pesticide health promoter, strives to reinforce these bans on innocent children. This may unintentionally drive desperate parents right into the arms of the pesticide companies!

Some organisations base their views on a belief that head lice form a risk to children's health because they may carry diseases. This is currently not the view of the World Health Organisation or the Centre for Disease Control.

Parents often tell us that they have rushed straight from school to the pharmacy and bought strong chemical products, not because of the lice but because of the exclusion from school. Crazy or what?

In recent years, our schools have put much effort into being inclusive for all. We root out racial prejudice, sexism, and bullying and strive to make children with impaired ability welcome.

So why do we allow this intolerance to children with a mild, harmless condition that they caught through no fault of their own?

It just doesn't add up.

The only beneficiaries of these appalling attitudes and policies are the producers of the very lotions and potions that make so many parents so uneasy.

Parents, you're being exploited by people who should know better.

Don't fall for this rubbish, and get your kids back into school where they belong as soon as possible.

Kids grow stronger by experiencing life, the good and less good-this is how they develop judgment and perspective and gain a realistic view of what may harm them and what's harmless.

Hysteria has no place in a classroom. If parents don't stand up to this rubbish, the next bans will target warts or even colds and the flu.

Do we really want to have a few chemically sanitized "good" children in half-empty classrooms while all the "bad" children, with normal childhood ailments, are banished to their homes until they too are sanitized?

Social changes mean both parents work outside the home in many families, and many other families are headed by a single parent. This strains childcare facilities as well as parents. Sending kids home because of a relatively harmless condition that has been with us for eons is exactly what our modern lifestyle can least afford.

Parents who support these bans often do so because they fear their child being the next one to be excluded if they catch head lice from another kid. Short-term self-interest drives this concern-but it doesn't work in the long run because kids still catch lice even with the bans in place.

There's always another source of head lice somewhere that hasn't been banned from the classroom. It's a continuous chain of infestation going back thousands of years.

If you remove these bans, lower the social consequences of having a few cooties, and give parents simple and effective advice on how to remove any lice when they occur, you will end up with about the same level of infestation but many fewer stressed-out parents.

How do we know this? We deal with parents worldwide. We get the same inquiries from all countries but only get the desperate pleas for help from parents subjected to these foolish policies.

The rest of the world straightforwardly deals with the simple problem of head lice without the exclusions.

A proverb suggests, "When you are in a hole, stop digging!" No-Nit policies are part of the problem, not the solution. Just remove the head lice and get on with your lives, please!

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