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Myth 3: "Stragglers" the Cause of Head Lice Misery to Millions.

We need to talk about stragglers.

These are the few lice or eggs left behind when traditional pesticide lice treatments don't kill 100% effectively-which is most of the time. Even if you follow the maker's instructions and treat twice, a week apart, you're still left guessing if you got them all.

We have already explained how tiny baby lice are and how difficult it is to see them, let alone round them up. Remember, the baby lice you will be looking for popped out of those tiny egg cases, so they are even tinier than the eggs they hatched from.

Some parents have difficulty spotting the eggs themselves, let alone these even smaller baby lice. Oh, and of course they can now run around, making spotting them even harder!

So what happens is parents do a great job of removing or killing lice and eggs (nits), but they just don't get to the last few… the Stragglers.

There is nothing to see or feel while a few surviving eggs hatch out or a live louse grows to maturity. It takes a whole week for those few tiny critters to grow up. They have bitten the skin to feed a few times a day but you won't know it because your body just doesn't notice.

A week later they are adults and start to lay more eggs, six to eight a day each, but still this would take a lot of searching to find. No one will notice this level of activity.

After the second week these new eggs start to hatch. But they're tiny too-the size of sand grains-and their tiny bites don't cause any problems, either.

By the end of the third week the numbers are rising and fast! You suddenly have hundreds of big, medium and little lice, and your kids probably still haven't noticed a thing.

Have you seen this? Two- to three-week gaps between explosions of head lice? Some parents have been trapped in this cycle for months and even years and all because they weren't told how to capture stragglers!

You can't nearly succeed in cleaning out stragglers. If you only succeed 99 percent at removing stragglers, you get 100-percent failure to "cure" your problem.

Parents get confused and disheartened with head lice treatments when they find themselves trapped in this circle of treatment/lice/treatment. Soon they start to feel they may never break out and get desperate.

That name should be writ up large on your refrigerator: Stragglers!

It's these guys that cause the misery, not some mythical mutant or resistant head lice.

You can read plenty of examples from our web site at www.nitmix.co.uk how parents have broken out of this nightmare of multiple treatments and repeated failures.

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