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Myth 1: Head Lice: Tyranny of our own making.

I want to tell you a secret about treating head lice, but first let me tell you a story of a parent just like you, an ordinary mom who got caught up in an extraordinary tale of lies, more lies and lots of dollars.

She could be any mom, proud of her kid and hard working, bringing up a daughter on her own. She and her daughter are best buddies-you have to get along when it's just the two of you against the world, right?

Well, one day Mom gets a call at work from her daughter's school. Her heart freezes-like all parents she dreads it being an accident or worse. "Your daughter has head lice," they tell her. What a relief, is that all? "You have to come and pick her up," they continue, "and she can't come back until she is clear." "But I can't leave my job, my boss won't just let me walk out, I'll come as soon as I can," Mom says. "No, now" is the reply.

At this point Mom feels terrible. She can see her daughter in isolation at school, waiting to be fetched as unclean, and she can't get there to scoop her up and make everything right. If you think I'm just pulling at your heartstrings, we hear this time and time again. And it gets worse.

Mom finally works up the courage to ask her supervisor for time off, but they're in the middle of the store and she has to tell everyone her kid has head lice. Arriving at school, she finds her daughter in tears and the principal in full flow "No nits, no lice. chemical treatment. unclean. infestation. she must stay at home until you get this sorted out.. " "But that's insane," Mom says. "I have to work, we need the money. We both have to live on my wages and we don't have health insurance."

And so starts her head lice nightmare.

She starts at her local pharmacy and explains that her daughter has lice. "We need help, and fast!" She staggers home with several expensive bottles of chemicals that make her slightly uneasy with their warnings and possible side effects, and starts treating her tearful daughter.

These foul potions smell, they sting, her kid says they hurt, and she has to open the window to catch her breath. "This can't be right, can it?" Mom asks herself. She also took the pharmacist's advice and bought the "Environmental Spray" or "House Treatment," with which she sprays the furniture, the carpets and even the bedding. She was even more uneasy about this, but he'd said, "Do you think they'd make them if you didn't need to do it?" So, yes, she just sprayed pesticide in her kid's bed.

After she puts her child to bed she starts washing the clothes and bedding, bagging up toys and pillows to go into the garage for two weeks, and vacuuming everything in sight. All the Web sites say good moms do this.

Finally, tired and very emotional, she crawls into bed. Next day, she wakes up bleary-eyed but hopeful, and what does she find? More lice! Big fat lice, sore skin and wrecked hair.

Mom and daughter both burst into tears. Of frustration or desperation? Probably both because they have to go back to the store and buy another bottle of organo-phosphate or permethrin to pour on the kid's now red, raw skin.

"That's the last time you should use that," the pharmacist warns. "Why," asks Mom, "You said it was okay for my kid?" "Well, sure it is, but it's only okay twice," he replies. "What do I do if this doesn't work?" Mom asks. The pharmacist's reply: "Go see your doctor for the seriously poisonous poison!"

And so she tries the process again, and she gets the same result! Money is getting short and her boss wants to know where she is-"Your kid can't be that sick, so get back in here or look for another job!"

In desperation Mom calls the school, but they state that it's Policy to keep lice-ridden kids away, otherwise the other parents will complain. "Complain about what?" Mom insists, "My daughter caught a harmless critter from someone else, she's the victim, not the perpetrator!" "No, stay away," they repeat.

And so it goes in thousands of schools all over the country. Please believe me when I tell you this is a mild case of the head lice nightmare. It can go on for months, even years for some families. Parents lose their jobs and kids miss huge chunks of their education, and teachers stand in front of half-empty classrooms.

Talk about insanity, and for what? Did a kid get saved? Was a disaster avoided? No, everyone just got hysterical about a bug the size of a sesame seed that never harmed anyone. Wasps and bees and snakes and scorpions hurt thousands of kids every year, but no one ever got hurt by a head louse-sure, they're gross, but they cause no physical harm.

Yet companies sell parents all sorts of pesticides and other poisons, and persuades health boards and pharmacies to go along with the nonsense, all because kids get a mildly irritating harmless condition that has been with humanity forever.

In short, panic over a few cooties has created a whole market that costs parents billions of dollars a year, and it's mostly nonsense.

Remember that secret I said I would tell you? Well, here it is:

Remove them.

Did you get that? Just remove them.

No need to zap, poison, or electrocute head lice. Just gently take them off and flush them down the drain.

Allow me to explain. Head lice only ever live on the human head-they aren't like bacteria that get inside you. Since they just rest on the surface, to "cure" your child you just have to brush them off.

Yes, the big secret is that simple. Disappointed?

Did you want a magic bullet, a secret potion to kill them all? No, you just want healthy, lice-free hair. And the best way to do that is to just remove anything that doesn't belong in there.

Let me give you an analogy. You're sitting outside and a tiny bug lands on your arm. What do you want to do? Do you pull out a can of poison and spray both yourself and the bug? Shoot it? Zap it with a stun gun?

Or would you just brush it off? Yes, you just brush it off.

Which option was easiest? Which causes the least risk of injury? Which is best for the environment? The simple brush-off works fine doesn't it?

Now imagine that bug has just landed on your baby. What are you going to do, reach for the spray or gently brush it away?

So what's different about head lice? Do you really need to reach for the chemical spray or poisonous lotion?

No, just getting head lice off is fine.

That is what we at www.nitmix.com do for you. We make removing head lice such a simple process that you need never consider poisoning lice again.

In the next of our seven HUGE myths you will learn the simple secret for getting rid of head lice without any one, even the head lice, getting hurt.. HUGE Myth 2