Head lice treatment from NITMIX

  Are Head Lice Still
      Driving You Crazy?

Get rid of head lice without resorting to chemical weapons!

Head lice are a yucky part of school life we all have to learn to deal with.

That means a chemical battle to kill them or a way to remove them.

The killing approach is a chemical battle right there in your child's delicate skin. Chemical means Organo-phosphate, Lindane...nasty stuff.

You won't have any way of knowing if you killed all the eggs and lice so you are left waiting of 2-3 weeks. If you missed just an egg or a louse you will be back at square one and the kids will be covered in lice again. Not exactly fool proof is it?

A simple head lice removal plan is very different. You and your child can use an entirely natural product along with a super fine comb to harvest these horrible little critters right out of the hair. It is easy and even pleaseant to do. Yes, pleasant!

Surely it can't be so easy? Oh yes it can!

Thou Shall Not Kill, Even Head Lice...

Any killing approach suffers from one fundamental weakness. It has to work 100% of the time. You can't nearly kill bugs. You can't only kill 99% of eggs. This is how a lot of lice killing products fail. They miss an egg or two or a few very tiny lice that you just can't see.

These few eggs or lice grow up, breed and lay eggs a couple of times over and 2-3 weeks later fresh head lice seem to appear from nowhere in their hundreds.

One of the toughest things for a parent is to spot the last few lice, especially if they are just newly hatched baby lice.

We have called these "Stragglers" They cause misery. Why?

Because they are tiny, about the size of a grain of sand and all sorts of colors.

Even these tiny baby head lice can be slipped right out of the hair with an ultra fine comb and the right tecnique. And the great thing is you don't have to Nit Pick them out one at a time. Just sweep them out by the comb full.

NITMIX won't kill the lice; just stop them from hanging on or running about as you comb. The almond oil base used in NITMIX Wet Combing Aid is used by masseurs all over the world because it is gentle on the skin, washes out easily, leaving the hair healthy and shiny and prevents tangles and knots. Long, thick, curly or permed hair no problem at all.

The finer the comb you use the more little lice you will remove but it can be tough to get a real fine comb through thick or curly hair. Make it easier on yourself by lubricating the hair and comb so you don't need to pull and tug.

Our biggest successes have already tried and failed to remove head lice in several other ways before coming to us so we are certain we don't just get the easy cases.

The Master Plan For Getting Rid of Head Lice...

  • Be gentle, don't make it a battle
  • Killing lice isn't curing lice
  • Remove everything that doesn't belong in the hair
  • Keep going until the comb is clean everytime!

What should I order when removing head lice?

NITMIX Ultra Fine Comb

One Ultra Fine Comb. Combs need to be smooth, fine and non scratchy. Our specially designed combs work especially well with NITMIX Wet Combing Aid. They are washable and tough and have worked for thousands of families. With teeth set just 6 thousandths of an inch apart! These are some of the finest combs on the market.

NITMIX head lice products
NITMIX head lice products

NITMIX Wet Combing Aid

One bottle of NITMIX Wet Combing Aid is enough to comb a normal head of hair several times and enough to clear out all the lice. If you child has longer than shoulder length hair a second bottle may be needed.

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